Why We Exist

NIRDHOST is an application management company.  We ensure your application is setup to win online. 

No matter what your application does it needs to be setup to address these challenges as you grow. 

  1. Uptime - If the application isn’t up and running no one can get value from it, especially you. 
  2. Scale/Speed - If your application can’t respond to customers when it’s up then it might as well be down
  3. Data protection - Your data must be present and secure.

So lets get to the details. What does this application management business mean? Let me tell you a story. 

Let me introduce you to Destra, she is a product manager at a Healthcare startup working on developing a new application to enable physical therapists to track and manage treatments of patients. Her passion is healthcare not software development. She hires a development agency, Gull Wing Software comes in and does a bang up job! Her customers are happy; she is happy; but...

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Setting up an Application on NIRDHOST

Start with a clean application.


The first time you log into NIRDHOST, you’ll see your application already set up with all of the environments running. We do the initial setup and configuration for you! This article is intended for people who want to know what's going on under the hood, or who are interested in setting up an application on Cloud Foundry and want to learn more.

If you are new to Cloud Foundry--or interested in setting up a Ruby on Rails application from scratch on a Cloud Foundry PaaS like ours--you'll need to make a few changes to your application. This article will walk you through the file changes you'll need to make. 

1. Gemfile

First, make sure that you're using a supported version of Ruby. Most of the setup problems that people encounter with Cloud Foundry stem from trying to use a Ruby version which isn't compatible. There are also known issues between Postgres 0.18 and Rails 2.2.X. We recommend using the latest...

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Getting Started with NIRDHOST

This is the first post in a longer series that will help you leverage the power of Cloud Foundry and NIRDHOST to host your rails application.

In this post we will cover:

  • Onboarding e-mail
  • Installing CF CLI and Login
  • Basic Commands

Onboarding e-mail:

When you're onboarded to the NIRDHOST platform you'll get an e-mail with all the information you'll need to hit the ground running. That info includes:

  • Username
  • Link to your new password
  • CF API
  • Organization(s)
  • Space(s)
  • Link to a running version of your application!

Installing CF CLI and Login

Download the Cloud Foundry CLI 


 wget -qO cf-linux-amd64.tgz '' && \ tar -zxvf cf-linux-amd64.tgz && \ chmod +x cf && \ export PATH=$PATH:$PWD && \ rm cf-linux-amd64.tgz


 brew tap cloudfoundry/tap brew install cf-cli 

For more information regarding installation, check out the docs


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Why NIRDHOST is excited to partner with Car Talk

Whether you’ve had a flat tire, had the check engine light come on, or attempted to start your car with little success, at some point most of us who own cars have needed help maintaining them. One community resource that is always ready to help with any of your automotive needs is Car Talk. Since 1977, car experts, brothers and noted trouble-makers Tom and Ray Magliozzi have helped millions across the globe with their car problems, offering advice on their NPR radio show, their web site,, a nationally-syndicated newspaper column, and via social media.  

Car Talk, a Peabody-award winning national radio show, is heard by more than 3 million listeners each weekend. The show is now in syndication, after Tom passed away in 2014. Ray, along with a team of producers and writers, continues to carry on with a variety of Car Talk projects. Often called “The Marx Brothers of Car Repair,” Tom and Ray had a combined 40 years of industry experience. To this day,...

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Our clients are talking about us!

Check out Tyler Dary of Choice Prospects, explaining why he chose NIRDHOST for managed hosting, and how the switch has helped his business!



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How NIRDHOST Took Behavioral Tech from High Risk to Low Risk in HIPAA Compliance - While Saving Them Money

One person commits suicide every 40 seconds worldwide. That’s the staggering truth Behavioral Tech is working to change. In order to be effective in their goal they have one thing to conquer first - securing the safety of patient data.

Patient privacy and HIPAA compliance are major concerns, and with good reason. Patient privacy and data security are vitally important, at the same time, online healthcare records are really vulnerable to security breaches.

Data protection represents a huge liability for healthcare, which is why Behavioral Tech trusted NIRDHOST to manage hosting for their most important tool.

Behavioral Tech’s Mission

Stemming from the research of Dr. Marsha Linehan, Behavioral Tech’s work provides Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) training to mental health professionals. DBT is a treatment that has been found effective treating clients who are suicidal and engage in non-suicidal self-injury. As a major tool in their goal of reducing the rate...

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